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The Beulah Project

Isaiah 62: 3-4, Beulah means married, claimed, or attended.


Israel will once again be attended to by the Lord as a husband would attend to his beloved bride. Rather than be considered forsaken by the Lord, God’s people will be restored to a close, loving relationship with Him, and all they need will be provided.


We are claiming this for our community within a community- a place so seemingly forsaken and utterly despised by many. The Lord is doing a new thing - land that was desolate and couldn’t produce a crop, is now standing out as an abundant garden of many nutritious crops. Our school is also part of Beulah- our curriculum is largely centered around an Agrarian model.


We are seeking Beulah land in the name of Jesus that the dark spirits of poverty and lack, division and disease would be pushed back by the mighty hand of our God. Jesus is the Victor! 

Regenerative agriculture:

• heals and builds soil

• can reverse soil erosion

• can sequester carbon and reverse climate change

• produces more nutrient dense food

• decreases costly inputs

• can feed more people a diverse and healthy diet in a smaller area

To support our regenerative agriculture efforts in Haiti, simple type in "The Beulah Project" in the notes section of our Donate page.

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