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Infant Nutrition

Our Infant Nutrition Program is for at risk infants birth to 24 months. Frequently, young mothers have no assistance immediately after giving birth. If the mother is not able to breastfeed, less nutritious food like mashed rice and beans are given to babies, due to the high cost of formula. As a result, vital nutrients necessary for healthy brain and physical development are neglected, and stunted growth and brain function is often the result.


Through generous donations, we are able to implement a program helping mothers to provide nutritionally complete formula for their infants, and educating them on the importance of breastfeeding, and supporting them with a lactation specialist when able.

Your support helps us purchase much needed formula which prevents stunted growth and promotes proper brain development. It also allows us to bring a lactation specialist nurse to Haiti, as much as possible, to work with mothers who need help feeding their babies.

To give to this area of ministry, click on the Donate button below.

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