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Family Preservation

We know the Father’s heart is for the family, and His desire is for children to grown up within the context of a strong, loving family. He also knows the human heart and the brokenness of man. Yet His love is greater still, and He continues to pour out His grace in seemingly hopeless circumstances. For so many children living in the margins, families often become severely damaged, and sometimes to the point of no return. Our mission echos the Father’s heart. We  support families and work towards reconciliation by identifying and addressing the root causes which led to crisis, to help them to reconcile and rebuild relationships and systems within the family unit. 

Your support helps provide for community family support, helping families when they are in need of physical help – like food, clothing, etc. – and emotional support – such as counseling and new parent training.

To support this area of ministry, simple type in "Family Preservation" in the notes section of our Donate page.

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